sissy roos - will they ever man up??


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Aug 25, 2009
Quebec, Canada
Oh boy...

It's been almost a week that my two EE roos (who are about 5 or 6 months) were moved into the main flock of girls...

They are terrified of the hens!

They hide face down in corners, they haven't eaten in days, they run away screaming whenever a hen just LOOKS at them - what gives?

Will they ever "man up" and do their job, or even just become part of the flock?

These roos were in the same coop as the hens since late November, however separated by chicken wire - so they're not "new faces" or anything -


ps: I'm getting rid of my two BB turkey girls, they're still quite young but MEAN as snakes! They try to squash the roos by stepping on them, they peck and chase and terrorize - sooo annoying!!
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They will. Roos are the bottom of the picking order. When they figure out that the hens are there for their pleasure the henss will be the ones running. It might thake awhile but it will happen. I still have a "sissy" roo but he has his one hen that he pushes around. Most of the time.
Good luck.
The thing is they know they are roos, when they are with younger (sumbissive) hens they mate like crazy, but they also attack, hurt and chase them all the time so I had to do something as their quality of life wasn't so great with those bullies around...

...and now that they are in with older hens they are peeing themselves.

Sigh. Silly willies
Living with the cougars is good for the young men. I think it makes them better behaved when they mature. If chasing the teeny boppers is all they know, they seem to take it as their God given right to be wild sex maniacs.


Were we talking about chickens?

Never mind.
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They will eventually once the hens establish their pecking order. I'm assuming that the hens were there first, so they "rule the roost (ers)" so to speak.

I had a 10 month old Cochin that would not crow around a certain hen. Should would flog him everytime. It was funny to see him go "Err..." and stop when he saw her looking at him.
Thanks everybody - things seem to be going a tad smoother today.... One of the roos actually managed to eat breakfast with the girls! While the other one kept getting chased and pecked on my the baby turkey... *shakes head*. I'm selling those turkeys, they're too irritating, annoying and aggressive. My poor chickens!

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