sister and grandbaby update 10/24/10


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my sister is awesome. she started physical therapy today. she will be in the hospital for a while and a long time in a rehab hospital.

grandbaby is still on the respirator and has a lot of secreation in his lungs and they ttested it for infection and it isnt an infection. they are considering a round of antibiotics...


Sister was told she probably wont walk for at least 6 months.

grand baby is off the respirator again... hopefully he will stay off of it this time...
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YAY for your sis!!!!

Baby Ayden is going to be one tough little bugger when he DOES pull through and gets home! Mommy better be ready!

Still praying for you ALL!!
Thank you for all the prayers...the judge denied bond for the man who caused the accident. everytime my sister talks about him she looses it. her dentist came to see her today and she showed him her teeth and said she still has them and he said yes and they are pretty... her doctors say she is lucky to still have her legs. they were broke really bad
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my sister husband left her to go build her ramp( he probably needed something to get his frustration ) he borrowed money from his dad to build the ramp. we he got to lowes he got the supplies and went to pay lows wouldnt take the money. they donated the supplies. she also got medicaid for a year... which is good since they canceled their health insurance several months ago because they couldnt afford it
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UPDATE 10/22/10

Grandson is doing good... they removed the central line today and he now has a pacifier. and he is now back to his birth weight of 3lbs 7 oz. I will post new pics this weekend

Sister: is doing good.she is now on antidepressants ... also found out from the nurse that she also had to have a total knee replacement... the doctors didnt tell us that part for some reason. No wonder in the CCU that she kept complaining with that knee hurting really bad...
Someone donated a wheel chair to her... she is getting alot of support... the other survivor need alot of prayers so if you have more in you can you please pray for her. Her name is Kara and she has a much harder recovery. I am not sure of all her injuries except broke back and all her limbs have multiple fractures and she also has masive head injuries. so please pray for her. my sister is so worried about her.

Sister- is still doing good she just keeps forgetting things people have talked to her about the day before.
The other survivor woke up yesterday and is talking. we are so happy for her. her breaks are really bad(more like her bones are crushed) please continue praying for her...

Grandson: Ayden is doing awesome. they are weaning him of the oxygen. hopefully he will be off of it in 3-4 days and then they will start to bottle feed him. he is getting his little behind now(his but was flat)... he is being a very good baby. he loves when the tap on his back to break up flem... the other babies cry when they get it done. but it seems to calm Ayden...

Thank you all for your support and prayers

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