Sitting on the nest, no eggs?

Dona Worry

Jul 5, 2018
My EE Clara is 7 months old, been laying since 20 weeks, just about one egg a day. The last two days, she has been sitting kn the nest when I open up the coop in the morning, but there are no eggs when she gets up.
She does not appear to be broody at all, and she is not staying on the nest overnight.
Her appetite, appearance, and behavior is all totally normal.
She is getting an all flock feed, free choice, with free choice oyster shell. They get a bit of produce as treats-- last week it has been grapes-- and some scratch grains. Treats are probably right around 10% of what they eat.
They have gone free ranging, but after her normal lay time. I open the door about 1pm.
They get a heated waterer, so the water is never frozen.
A light goes on at about 2am, giving them 14 hours of daylight, and the other hens are laying.
No sign of illness.
Is this anything to worry about?
Her on the nest this morning.

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