Sitting pullets

Gammas Bearded Babies

Crossing the Road
May 24, 2021
Middle Tennessee
We finally have a break in the temperatures here today. Only low 80s! Nice breeze!
And all my 7 to 12 week olds are sitting! They are NEVER LIKE THIS!
They are always coming to me, chirping, etc.
Only thing they have had different is watermelon.
Could they possibly have eaten too much and it's causing them to just sit around?
How long have they been living outside, could it possibly be cocci? I haven't heard of chicken dying from watermelon, mine get it all the time in the summer, but I guess it might happen
I've just never seen em this still before.
Of course after watching dorm couple hours they hadn't moved and I posted this they would end up getting up doing their usual...
Guess they were enjoying the nice day! Just hadn't seen em ever do that but we've been hitting 100 a lot this month.
So sorry for the false alarm...I just panicked cause I've never seen em not moving.
They are all moving now!
Guess they were being lazy! Cu they r all chirping away and back to eatin!
It's normal for young birds, or older birds to have lazy moments.

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