Size and feathers of my chicks


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
Over there
They are 7 weeks old now, and fully feathered. They never went through that "pterodaptyl" phase where all of the feathers fall out and they look weird. Their feathers are sleek and shiny. I saw that they're about the size or a little smaller than pictures I've seen of featherless birds. Did I do something wrong?
I have never had a chick lose all it's feathers.... They are supposed to be GETTING their feathers in at this age, not lose them.
Sounds like you've got some A-ok chicks. They shouldn't go entirely bald as little ones. It usually happens gradually and all of a sudden they are fluff-less and are covered with feathers.
Ok, thanks, I've heard of and seen chicks with only a few feathers here and there, but I nust be confusing it with their firt molt.
Thanks everyone!!

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