size for your ducks??


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
what size water tank, kiddie pool, pond, etc do you use for your ducks? I know depending on how many you have determines the amount so if you will please mention how many you have. OR give me your advice for a newbie on ducks getting two soon.

Also, I don't want a little bucket thing. I am going for a rubbermaid stock tank. Just need suggestions on gallons or size. THANK YOU so much on your advice
I have 5 ducks and 1 chicken. In the winter I use a 3 gallon black rubber bowl. In the summer I use a larger pool, I think it's about 10 gallons. I have 2 of the larger pools, on really hot days in the summer I use both of them.
Bear in mind that even when adults, ducks can still drown because they get overzealous when breeding. I worry about that with my calls, so I keep their kiddie pool shallow unless I am there to supervise them, and they have a rock in it for easy exit.

I'm sure someone will want to say that ducks make it in deep water without us to help, but those aren't the ducks we spend $$$ on.

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