Sizzle chicks... dying like crazy! Why?!?!?!


11 Years
Apr 23, 2013

I bought five sizzle chicks from a person in town, not a very savory looking person, but hey, they are sizzles... what could go wrong?

Within two days three died, the following two days another died and then there was one left. This one, "Gooey", has been doing well. Running around, eating etc, and then we got a australorp and silkie chick to join it (from a reliable farm!). Gooey had been doing well, even earlier today, when tonight... it appears to be on its last leg.

Gooey is laying there, moves occasionally, wings hanging a little low and wont eat or drink. Stumbles when walking, etc. Our other two chicks are doing fantastic and growing fast and acting like normal chicks. What is wrong with this sizzle? I do think perhaps there was major inbreeding... Gooey has 6 toes with one of the toes growing off the middle of another toe and the other foot has five toes and based on the way these sizzles have gone... i'm assuming. This is the same way the other chicks were acting.

What is going on?!? We have never had problems like this. Food, water, good temp geating, lighting, pasty butt has been gone for awhile now, etc.

Any attempt I have made to nurse sick chickens back to health have failed. Any suggestions? Any way to save Gooey?? Or even just know what is going on?
Inbreeding is a big possibility that happened. Watch out for diseases like Mareks and coccidiosis as they are major killers of young birds. Yeah Six toes is pretty recessive which means that it can be a lethal gene sweep (if you want to know more about that look up lethal genes for a silkie because a sizzle is still a silkie with the frizzled gene unless something was put in the bloodline to up the chances of a frizzle silkie)
I wont be able to get Corid till the morning.. is there any natural remedy to keep her alive until then? She is looking rather weak and I don't think will make it till morning...

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