Sizzled Leghorns Hatching Eggs!!! Multi-Colored!!! $5 each shipped!


10 Years
Oct 17, 2009
Hi All! I'm offering Sizzled Leghorns from my experimental breeding pen this spring!!! I'm VERY excited to see the first generation cross of these two breeds! The Rooster is a second generation Sizzle...he's extremely colorful and such a sweet boy! The "girls" are white and brown leghorns. They are excellent layers and keep my frig FULL at all times of nice bright white eggs! I'm hoping that by crossing the two breeds we can create a prolific white egg layer that has the beautiful coloring, sizzled feathering, and sweet sweet nature of the Sizzles! 50% of the chicks will inherit the "Sizzle Feathers" 50% will be smooth feathered.


(Please excuse the look of my coop...we are in the process of a "backyard chickie remodel" that will be finished this weekend!!!)

Please feel free to pm me with questions or email me directly at [email protected]

All eggs will be collected fresh and properly stored prior to being shipped out.

I will accept payments through paypal : [email protected]
I have one of these cute little babies and they are the sweetest things ever! I am in the process of reversing my neutral feedback for Keri so please bid with confidence. (we just had a communication problem during an emergency situation when it was left). Keri is a wonderful seller, her eggs are packed great and her babies adorable. Here is the proof, my little Ingrid



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