skin issues!?!


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May 6, 2009
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All of my chick are happy and healthy except for one. From the start she was smaller, had less fuzz and a wee bit of a neck tilt. She is totally happy, eating and drinking, alert, smart and keeps up with the rest of the babies.

Their little feathers are coming in on their shoulders and tails and she seems to be losing her fuzz and exposing more skin than the others. She is not being pecked at--yet. The fuzz loss is primarily right around her shoulders and just above her tail-all where new feathers are coming in. Her skin looks a bit irritated but not bad.

Does this sound like a skin problem or is she just behind the others in growth? Does getting in the new feathers make this happen sometimes.
How can I tell if it's mites or lice?
The others are not pecking her- I'm worried that they may start though! It's only odd because all of the others are so much fluffier than her. She looks a little sparse. I haven't figured out how to upload pics- any suggestions?
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It could be she is a he. Roos often feather more slowly, although they aren't usually smaller.

If they have mites or lice, you can see tiny bugs crawling at the base of the feathers around the vent, on the skin, or you can see tiny eggs on the base of the feather shaft.

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