SKUNK..........any ideas?


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Apr 17, 2009
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My father in law called this morning to say theres a skunk sleeping in his garage!!!
Any ideas on how to get it out?!?! He has opened all the doors and thrown some veggies and stuff outside the door and also made alot of noise. The thing is still sleeping. I think its funny, but then its not my garage...
Tell him to try and not startle the skunk, keep all the door open and he did everything else I would have done! It may be a waiting game, till it gets dark!
Tell him to put a few drops of fox urine near the door to the garage to prevent it from wanting to go back in!
Best wait it out. Ya don't want that stench lingering for days upon days....
He should wander out to hunt, but if not, a bit of tuna will lure him out. Or he could shoot it if it continues to cause a problem or is hunting his chickens (if he has any). Whatever he chooses... good luck.
Wait till dark and he will leave.
Make sure there is nothing to eat in or near the garage so he has to go scavenging.
Then make sure you always close the garage door before dark.
From a fox. You get more if you leave some beer out for them.

... or you can buy it on the internet, like any other crazy thing.
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