SKUNK -vs- dogs... OH NO! HELP


11 Years
Mar 13, 2008
Southern Indiana
My dogs chased a skunk and I didnt know it untill I called them in for their dinner. They ran into the house, and the smell ran in with them. I chased them immediatly back outside, But the smell... UUGH

Does anyone know what to do to get the smell out of the couch, the carpet, the dogs?
wow thats going to be a tough one..every site i have researched this says to buy a commercial odor remover and use an extractor like the big powerful ones you rent from the hardware store
I'm not sure about the couch and carpet but tomato juice will get the smell off your dogs.
Tomato juice doesn't work real well. Search for getting the skunk smell out. You use hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. I would only use this on the dog though. I just don't remember the right way to mix it. You can also use vinagar. That helped more than the commercial stuff. This happened to us last fall. It was so bad you can taste it. I really feel for you. Good luck.
We had something similar happen. You should definitely search on the Internet for solutions, but one thing that worked for us was boiling water and vinegar--made it so we could stand it (though the house started to smell of vinegar, but that was a HUGE improvement). And then, just time and lots and lots of fresh air circulating through the house. At least this happened in the spring/summer--our "incident" was in mid-March in Michigan, so we couldn't leave the windows open like we needed to!
I know what you mean farmerjill. Our skunk spraying was in late October in Michigan. I opened the windows and froze us all out anyways. Not as cold as March though.
It supposed to be in the 90's today, so I dont want to suffocate, but its gotta be better than the smell!
The dogs made my mind up to feed them on the porch from now on again. I used to do that but the neighbors 2 dogs came and shared their food, so I started feeding them in the kitchen.
By the way, The neighbors 2 dogs leave the chickens alone, actually help watch out for them, so they are no problem coming over.
I've had good luck with a product called Zero Pet Odor. It works even on cat urine, which few things do, and it can be used on all hard and soft surfaces, and even sprayed in the air. You can buy it online at or I think it is now available at Petsmart.

The skunk odor comes from the liquid they squirt, so airing out the house is not going to do it. You have to get the liquid out of the carpet and furniture. Did the dogs roll in the house before you noticed the smell?

Whew! You have my sympathy.
Fritzie was rolling on the couch, I have a huge croched afghan over that couch, I took it off to wash, but the smell went thru to the couch too.
I have a steam carpet cleaner with an ulpholstery attatchment, I just dont know what to put in it, or on the couch to get the smell out.
Sebastian just walked in and then back out, But he is a huge dog, and I believe he must have got the brunt of the skunks anger strait at him!

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