Slaughtered my very first duck

Tropical Chook

9 Years
Jul 5, 2010
Hi all, just thought I'd share..........

I just processed my first duck, well , about 12 hours ago, and it all went quite well. Yes, it certainly is more work that a chicken, but not really a huge difference. I used really hot water for the scalding and added some dish washing liquid in because I've read on here to do it. I think I'll try that with chickens as well because the feathers all came out very easily. Once it was all done, my DW cut it up and into the fridge it went. This morning when we woke up, we used some of the very dark meat for a stir fry, and I'll tell you what, it was DELICIOUS. In fact, I'm quite shocked because I've only eaten home cooked duck once before which we bought at the store, and it was nothing special. This home grown one tasted nothing like it:D

Now, we only had two ducks, bioth drakes, and they were both making life hell for our chickens. As a result, we decided they have to go so one was processed last night, and the other will be done in the next day or two. Just yesterday I was saying I won't bother getting anymore ducks, but now after processing my first one and tasting it, I will be hatching out some more eggs shortly. I should mention that they are very easy for us to keep as our first two were 100% free range - we only provided fresh water. That duck in our fridge has got to be the cheapest meal I've ever come across considering they came from free eggs that were hatched out under a broody hen:lol:

Actually they did cost me if I look at some of the damage they caused to the garden, and they certainly tested my patience by never leaving our hens alone

Ah well, it has certainly been worth it
I really have to quit opening these topics that make me hungry...

Isn't it nice when a surprise like that comes along? Expecting ground chuck and get a filet? Makes for a little bit more sun in the day. Congrats on the new knowledge/recipes!
I always loved duck and since I started processing my own I find I can't get enough of it. Delicious!
Congratulations on processing your first duck. I've always heard that it's really hard to pluck a duck and that you have to dip them in wax. This has always kept me from thinking about having ducks to eat. Which breed were they?

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