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I've had my chicks for three days now. We moved them from a tiny box to a larger box last night. When I checked on them this morning they were all sleeping at the same time. I woke them when I changed the water. Now they are alseep again. They are in small bunches, along the walls. The temp is about 90 degrees. They have a red heat lamp on them. Is is normal to sleep all at the same time?
Little baby chick bodies are expending SO much energy growing at such a fast rate that yes, they sleep a lot! That will change in the next few weeks as the percentage of sleep goes down and the percentage of running around like little hooligans goes up.
If they seem like they are trying to stay away from the heat lamp and spending a lot of time on the outskirts of the brooder, you may need to raise the light to lower the temperature just a little bit. They should be equally scattered around brooder. Good luck and enjoy the little boogers!
Not only do they sleep a lot, they fall asleep SUDDENLY. At the feeder, at the waterer, after doing a baby chicken-scratch dance, all that. Sometimes they fall asleep on their feet and tip over into a "tripod" with their head as the third "leg."
We have our first bunch of chicks and the sleeping part has been almost as entertaining as watching them fight over mealworms. The first night I went down to check on them, and gasped "oh NO" when I peeked at them. I thought they all had died! I didn't realize they slept any which way, head & neck laid out flat, legs tucked in or stretched out, etc. As soon as I said "oh no", they all jumped up and I laughed. I definitely recognized the need for rocks in the water dishes too!
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