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Mar 14, 2018
Hi, I need help with my almost 7 week old bronze sex link. She is super sleepy, walking around with her eyes closed and falling asleep eating. She does eat (sometimes acts like she is starving). I’ve been adding water to the food to make sure she is drinking enough. I treating for coccidia already and just started again because she acts like she is lethargic at times. Her feathers have always seemed ruffled but doesn’t have bloody poop. It’s been 2 days of second round of Corid and no difference. Any ideas?
Not having very much information, it's really not possible to say what's going on. But one of the most common causes for a chick to suddenly start being lethargic is constipation or impacted crop. It does no harm to treat for it just in case, as you are treating for coccidiosis.

Continue with the amprolium, but get some coconut oil into your chick. Do this by chilling the oil so it's solid, and then break off tiny bits and slip them onto the tongue whereas the chick will swallow. Get one teaspoon into the chick in this manner. Gently massage the crop to disperse the oil.

While you are treating for coccidiosis, do not give any vitamins as that can interfere with the treatment. Have you been providing grit for your chicks? This is always a good idea to help their gizzards digest food more efficiently. And some "treats" cannot be digested without it, causing constipation and impacted crop.
Coconut oil huh? I love that stuff, use it for everything (and now for chickens lol). I will definitely try that! The only treat I’ve given is scrambled eggs, but I will get grit. Thank you.

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