Sleepy silkie!


Jul 31, 2016
Kent UK
My silkie is 10/11 weeks old now, she lives outside with her sister & 4 other hybrid hens. Recently I noticed she's not been as active as the others. She comes out the coop last in the morning and just finds somewhere to perch and goes to sleep, all day! Her crop & tummy don't feel funny, and she's drinking okay.
I bought her in yesterday from the other hens out of fear of lice/mites, which I don't think it is. I've had her since a baby, she's got a brand new hutch that's dusted every time it's cleaned and she's been dusted herself with mite/lice powder.
Since indoors she's drunk water with apple cider vinegar and was told to give her grapes as they work as well as ACV but in a food form. she has eaten two grapes before I'd even cut them down, and enjoyed a couple of raisins too.
I've noticed she can't see her food, which was probably due to her being a very fluffy silkie, so gave her a trim round the eyes (she was so good!!). Since cutting her excess fluff away, she seems a bit happier (I assumed she was being a girly and having a strop about her hair), she's scratching in the indoor cage & eating grit & occasionally pellets & corn. (She's mostly searching for grapes and raisins). This morning I have her some meal worms as I know they're her favourite and as the smallest baboo she doesn't get a looking with the others and I end up having to hand feed her.
She was delighted at the chance to hunt for her own and seemed a bit brighter, she took her self down off her perch and headed to her feeder. My only concern now is
I have ordered critical care powder & a vitamin and electrolyte tonic, which should turn Up today so I'll be supplementing her that. She seems happier in her self today as she's wandering around and calling for me every 30 minutes, she's eating and drinking fine. She just will not empty out that poop....

Any suggestions to freeing up my chickens bowels!!?!!:lol:

Regards!!!! X

Snacking down on some warm eggies


Now wanting cuddles and company, should I put her back with her sister and friends or do I keep her in and monitor for poop?

So worried about my little cotton wool ball!

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