Slightly tinted egg with gray speckles?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by zooweemama, Nov 18, 2012.

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    Below are my listed breeds. I recognize 2 of the eggs as my Pekins eggs- large kinda round and white. Almost daily I get a slightly gray/green egg with gray green speckles. You really notice it a lot when it's next to the Pekins eggs but it is not super vivid. Do any of the ducks I have lay speckled eggs? It's very odd but very consistent almost every single day. I will attach an image right under this post.
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    It's not dirty - it's speckles on the egg.

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    we get various shades on some of the eggs. The french white muscovy give an off shade of "green" sometimes a Silver Appleyard will have an egg not exactly white. No real way to know who is laying it unless you isolate the ducks.
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    Could be from a Runner. We had a hen that you could point out her egg every day because it had the specks on it just like this egg only on a pale green shell. Some of the other runners laid white eggs or just plain green eggs but she always had specks on her eggs. She was just a production runner but a great layer.
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    Thanks! We have 1 runner laying and 1 not yet laying (according to her pelvis measurement). So it could be her. I know it's not the Pekin eggs. I didn't even know ducks could lay speckled eggs honestly. My layers that are not the Pekins all leave behind a very thick bloom on their eggs too.

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