Sloppy chickens!!

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    May 19, 2011
    I purposely switched over to pellets because of this but it hasn't helped. Yesterday I filled the hanging feeder with pellets (not the first time) and today the entire feeder contents, all 3 lbs. of it, was scattered around the pen. Should I just ignore this behavior and let them forage for the food on the ground? Three leghorns!
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  2. enola

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    Feed them enough feed for one day and then don't feed them again until it is all cleaned up.

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    Feed the pellets to them wet in dishes. There won't be any waste whatsoever.
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    Jun 23, 2013
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    enola is right, just give them enough for the day & let them "forge" for what they scatter until the next day.

    Have you heard of FF/fermented feeding? I switched over to FF when I got my 4 chicks/pullets last Nov. LOVE IT! May take a bit more time but sure saves on waste & it's beneficial (nutritional & sanitary). Read the (long) thread but summing it up, it's a ratio of 1:1 (feed : unchlorinated water) mix & let sit for 3 - 4 days. Feed will EXPAND so mix in a large glass or plastic container, use NO metal dish nor utensils. You will see it "bubble" up, you just spoon out to feed chickens. I drain (plastic strainer) mine for half hour prior, it's said "as much as they'll eat in 30 mintues" but I feed mine 2x day, 3 scoops in the morning & 2 in the afternoon. There are times they won't eat all the afternoon one so I leave it in their Run & in the morning its gone. I like my consistency like mush/oatmeal...

    It's said they absorb more nutrition as it's broken down, there is less poop, it's firmer and less stinky, shiny feathers & egg quality 'better'...I wouldn't know as mine haven't started laying yet. I LOVE the less poop, firmer & not so stinky since I live in the city.


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    Sep 13, 2011
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    There are feeders that help limit spillage; Premier has some good ones. There are also directions for homemade feeders that work well. Hanging the feeder helps too. Mary
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    May 19, 2011
    Well I tried the fermented way and while they ate it, filling the feeder everyday is not enjoyable, so I went back to the hanging feeder and let they eat til it's gone. Never had chickens so messy. BTW, I dumped the rest of the FF into a large bowl and put it out for the deer. They thumbed their noses at it.
  7. flyin-lowe

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    Jan 24, 2016
    I had one of the cheep feeders from Rural King and was putting in 7 pounds and it was lasting a day to 2 days max. I built one of the 5 gallon bucket feeders with the PVC elbows. So far I love it. I put 25 pounds in a week ago and as of last night it was close to half full still. Plus it was cheaper then the store bought feeder.

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