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    Mar 2, 2009
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    I recieved a 2 yo black orp hen 3 weeks ago and recently started letting her out in yard with other 25 chickens(while I sit in grass and supervise) for a short while. goes pretty good. turned her out this a.m.(she follows me though,had to distract her,apples!) and just went to feed horses and she was in the lead to not miss anything. they traditionally run to the gate when horse is let out so they can follow and get senior horse food. clever beasts. anyhow she seems to want to be like the rest(she was raised urban as single chicken) so seems to be going OK. will have to actually get her into the chicken house before it gets TOO cold so she'll have other chicks to snuggle with. I love it when all goes OK.(shouldn't have said that)
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    Sounds hopeful. Best of luck!

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