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    Jan 14, 2012
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    We lost our rooster yesterday afternoon, and after some searching, we are pretty sure the clues point to coyotes. Scuffle marks in the gravel, feathers at various intervals, going deep into the woods. He was the size of a small turkey, and I'm sure he put up a good fight. I am saddened, because he died protecting one of the hens (she has a huge gash by her tail feathers). He always sounded the alarm when predators were near: stray dogs, eagles, herons, and coyotes. We would hear him sounding the alarm (not his normal crowing) and run to the window to see what was the problem.

    He was an enormous, aggressive rooster (almost twice the size of the hens), who attacked everyone and everything on legs. So, on one hand, I am a tad relieved, because collecting the eggs was downright scary! The injured hen seems okay, she is alert: eating, drinking, and pooing. We have her separated from the other hens to keep her from getting pecked.

    Has anyone had any luck hunting coyotes?
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    a friend hunts them all the time. he puts out dead fish and a game camera.

    checks the game camera for time the critter comes by.

    waits with his night goggles scope. then no more critter.

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