Smack-down in yard!

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13 Years
Apr 24, 2010
Kingman, ARIZONA
Yesterday I heard an awful comotion going on in the hen yard. I raced out and saw hens attacking "something",. I thought is was my favorelle hens, but is was a "teenage" piegon! The hens were pecking it to death and I couldn't stand it and broke it up. The piegon 's back was de-nuded of feathers,bruised and both wings broken. I moved it out for my husband to destroy. But it died very quickly. I had also found 2 other piegons in yard and was upset they died of a disease and that had me very worried for my hens sake. My question is-Is this behavior normal/ why did they do it,. I have had hens for 5 years now and this has never happened before. Oh and the Rooster Bob, well he ran the other way!!
Mine have attacked and killed sparrows that have gotten into their run. I think it's for the same reason they attack new chickens, they see it as an interloper that needs to be chased away.

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