Small Americauna and turkey sized leghorn


6 Years
Sep 9, 2013
Sioux Falls,SD
Is it normal for the leghorn to be so big? Also, the leghorn is the only one laying right now - they are both 5 months old. The leghorn just started laying 4 days ago, but the Americauna doesn't seem to be interested in laying yet at all. Just curious!
Whoa, I doubt that's a leghorn, I'd think it's a meat breed. But some leghorn derivatives were bred to be meat birds. I am not an expert on breeds but from what I know that leghorn-mix bird is not a laying breed and likely won't produce much at all. It's certainly not a purebred, either way. I have heard of leghorn crosses being used in meat production too. Someone who knows more will no doubt come and explain it all. Best wishes.

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