Small Eggs for a Month Now

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Jul 18, 2012
Hello! I'm excited about my 2 new egg layers however, they are consistently laying small eggs. Both have laid normal sized eggs in the last month but will lay one and then go back to small eggs. They are a barnyard mix and although not huge hens, they aren't bantams. Anyone have this happen? When can I expect regular full sized eggs?
If they are pullets new to laying, the eggs typically start out small and get larger as the hen gets older. The extra large eggs you found may be double yolkers which also happen more when a pullets first starts to lay.
Mine did the same thing, 3 Chicks...went from 1.2 oz. to 2 + oz.s and they all (4 different breeds) are back to the 1.2-1.4! Was told it is normal...
How long does it usually take to get them laying normal size eggs? I've never had this before. Usually, my hens just start laying normal sized eggs. Thanks for the help:)
"Starter eggs" are the norm for pullets beginning to lay. Each egg is a teensy bit larger than the preceding egg. If you line them up, you will be able to see a subtle increase in size.

However, some breeds start off laying eggs that are the same size as they will continue to lay. My Sussex began with very small eggs, one of which lays eggs smaller than those you buy in the store as "small". They continued to lay their small eggs and they never became any larger.

My Welsummers began laying huge, extra large eggs from the get-go and have continued to lay the same huge eggs ever since.

Those pullets who begin with starter eggs usually achieve their full size in about a month from onset of laying.
I've got a pair of Sussex who have been laying little pullet eggs for a month or so now, and this is now what I wanted to hear... :(

But, now I know and will be content to get little eggs from them from here on out. Hopefully they'll grow into laying bigger eggs one day.

I got a full sized egg from one of the new layers today. Fingers crossed that they stay big and that her sister gets the memo.

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