Small Gnats


7 Years
Apr 25, 2012
Washington Co. AL
Ok I live here in south Alabama and am some serious problem with the small gnats. I am going to try a few things and let you guys know how they work. I'm starting with, Hi-Yield brand Garden, Pet and Livestock Dust. Will be dusting the brooder, chick pin and all of the 4 week old chicks. Not going to put a whole lot on the babies. Just a light dusting. Will let you know how things go.
After the few days of rain stopped I used the powder, put it in the places that they already dust bathe in so they did all the hard work for me. It's been only a few days and as of yesterday they were good. Put some more out in the chicks pin today. I had done the same or the adults but it rained the very next day. Had the little ones in side for a few days. As of right now things are good with the chickens, as for us people not sure on what to do there. Will keep updated on birds though.
Up date I put the dust in the places where they already dust bathe in the sand. Done it one day then repeated about 3 days later there were gnats everywhere but not on the little ones. It's supposed to rain really hard tonight so I will probably need to do it again when the weather clears.

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