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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Kansaseq, Apr 4, 2011.

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    I'm selling hatching eggs right now, and always meet in a public place. Had an app with a customer, and had to cancel. I sent an email a few days ago, explaining why, apologized, etc. Heard nothing back. This morning, I sent a second email, saying I wasn't sure if he got my first email, but that I wouldn't be able to make it. Hours later, still nothing. Sooo, I break down and call. He answers, yea, got my messages, no, he's not sure he'll be interested in a few weeks. I said I just wanted to make sure he got my messages and wasn't going to be waiting for me today, and not have me show up. He was like, oh, yea, got I your emails. So I said thanks and quickly hung up.

    Really? How hard would it have been to hit reply and type OK? I really didn't care about the potential sale, just about inconveniencing him. I've been stood up and it's really frustrating, not to mention rude. Sheesh. If he DOES contact me again, I may just decide to ignore his emails.

    Ok, rant over. Thanks for listening [​IMG]
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    I feel your pain. It stinks that people are so rude! It isn't that hard to hit reply and just indicate that they got it. [​IMG]

    At least you let them know. I had have people (BYCers even) make plans to meet with me and then never show. It is really, really maddening to take the time and sit and wait for someone that never shows up and never lets you know that something horrible came up in their life. It's rude and a mark of low character. Personally, I never sell to them again. You were being VERY courteous to let the guy know you couldn't make it. He was being a jerk!
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    That kind of crap makes me crazy. Like my sister for instance, I'll send her a text or a pic on the phone or an email and she doesn't even acknowledge that she got it. But if I send it everyone but her, she'll say "Why didn't you send me one?" Maybe because you act like you don't care... [​IMG]

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