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    Chipmunk had been having trouble with his one eye last week and had been keeping it closed. I really couldn't get him to open it and from what little I could see it looked okay. But today when I had my sister help me so I could get a good luck, it looks fuzzy and white (I'll try to get pictures later). When I wave my had in front of that eye he doesn't react. Because of him staying inside the coop this past week he has lost his spot in the pecking order and is back on the bottom. Also the small BR/EE appears to have damaged his leg and is now limping. And to make all this worse something is once again trying to rip the coop apart, so I have to repair it and start trapping again which I don't like doing this time of year due to possible babies.

    So is there anything I can do to help Chipmunks eye? I don't see any true damage, which makes me think there isn't much of anything. Also what should I be looking for in particular about the BR/EE leg when I final catch him to look it over, besides a wound.
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    I hope you had this posted somewhere else and got some help. If the eye is cloudy but you don't see any puncture wound or anything, there's probably not much you can do about it if it's gone blind from an old injury or something. If there's any drainage, post back and update about that.

    How is the one that was limping? As you said, looking for a wound is the first and most important step.

    Good luck catching what was trying to get in!
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    Chipmunks eyes, the good one:
    and the I couldn't get a very good picture (my camera doesn't like close ups and moving subjects even worse) but the bad one:

    And the BR/EE doesn't have any wounds but is still limping.

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