Small red hen- What breed?


11 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine

I got this small red hen in an assortment of chicks. I got them back in May. She is about 2/3 the size of my white leghorns that I got with her. Originally I though it was a bright red NH Red, but she hasn't grown. She doesn't have a tail either. I'm not sure if she's supposed to look that way or if the others pick at her as she never really grew a tail to begin with.
She has large eyes and white earlobes. And guesses? I am stumped!
were did you get her?

looks like a rumpless breed

this is a Splash Andalusian pullet
I think she's a Dutch Bantam that is getting picked on and having her tail feathers pulled out. If she's not getting picked on, then it's possible she had a genetic deformity that resulted in her tail never forming.
if she has a tail that is getting plucked out you will be able to feel a bump there where the tail should be, if she is a ture tail less bird there will be no bump

if you can take a picture of where her tail should be but have someone hold her wings open so we can see the tail area

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