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Jul 21, 2016
A few nights ago my chicken wouldn't go in the chicken coop and my mom couldn't get her to come out the next morning my mom found her dead. But I walked around the chicken run and saw something had either tried to dig under the wire or climbed over the fence and I'm trying to figure out what could have killed her.
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Very sad to lose a could have been a raccoon, they dig under fences and they can climb as well. Do you have more chickens?
It was a small hole. But then I found two round smaller holes near the hole that was dug. And she was a full grown Brahma hen
Were there any obvious injuries? A weasel will bite the neck or under the wings, causing bleeding and lap up the blood. Or, maybe the chicken was sick and just died. Sometimes the don't show any symptoms before they just up and die.
I didn't see the chicken. My mom did say she had been ate off of but the animal didn't drag her off.
My dad suggested maybe it was a skunk. But my dad and I both saw a opossum once lurking around.
It Could've been a weasel those things are known to kill, they have killed one of my full grown ducks. It also could've been a Small Racoon or a Skunk.

I suggest you add a sort of post for them so they can climb, I also suggest taking large rocks and putting them around your coop and run. If the predators attack in the day while they are out, buy a portable radio and play Music so when the predator hears the noise he won't come near the them. If it still attacking your Chickens, you can buy a Cheap trap and put food in the Trap so at night they go in it and you can trap them. You can either Kill the animal (Which i suggest) or you can Relocate it FAR away, they can come back even when they are put miles apart from their home

Here's a link to the Trap you can Buy:

Hope this helped! If you have anymore Questions Contact me!

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