Small White pus like exudation from one eye of Rhode Is. Red Chicken


9 Years
Aug 9, 2010
Less than one year old. The weakling of the flock Last on the pecking order has a white foamy substance exuding from the left eye.
Using Coloidal Silver Spray on her eye and food in an effort to eliminate. Condition is now 3 days old. She continues to eat. No noticeable change in energy level. Other members of the flock are fine.
Using straw and wood shavings as bedding. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Northern California
Welcome to BYC.

It would probably be a good idea to isolate this girl from the the rest of the flock in case this isn't something as simple as an infection owing to injury from being poked by straw or edge of wood chip. I'd probably switch to Terramycin ophthalmic ointment and start giving three drops of Polyvisol Enfamil vitamins (without iron) for a week and then taper off (vitamin A deficiency can also - not common - result in runny/`foamy' exudate).

Unfortunately, one of the most likely causes is respiratory disease (CRD/MG):

observe all chooks closely. There are a lot of excellent threads regarding CRD/MG. Just use the search function (`foamy eye' is a good starting query). The Merck info:

, welcome and Good Luck!

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