Smart Chicken


12 Years
Dec 6, 2008
Hafford, SK, Canada

I have a silver laced wyandotte hen that if you were to breed for brains this would be a good start.

I segregated into layers in a pen and meat birds, which are my own cross of cornish X and black jersey giants, free for the 14 day 'sperm flush'..

I thought was fair as did the opposite when was collecting eggs for replacement layers. So this one of the wyandotte goils is smart enuf that when pull out the tractor and rototiller to do gardens she will follow me by herself quite a ways past the birds usual range to pick worms.

Well I had to get the net and catch her 3 times yesterday and put back into pen. My pen has 8 foot walls on it but she copied the guinea's and would fly over to get out. Was quite a chase to corner her so could net her too.

Went to count noses and shut up the coop last evening and lo and behold, there she was hiding behind some meat birds. I guess she can stay out .... little dickens.


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