Smart pullet


May 23, 2021
Wasilla, Alaska
Crutchie, my pullet with one bad leg, has started telling me what she wants.
I went out this morning and went to bring her the food and water, a little while later she got pushed away by the other chicks and couldn’t get back, I went back over to her cause she was getting noisy and she hopped over to me, I picked her up and set her on my legs and she just laid down and waited, when I held up my hand she started pecking it like she was trying to eat out of it, I put her by the food and she went right to eating, a little while after I got the goats tied out for weed removal she was noisy again so I went over, she was by the food this time but still hopped over to me, she plopped down on my lap again and this time she put her beak on one of my cuts, opened her beak a bit then lifted up her head swallowing like she was trying to drink, put her by the water and she instantly started drinking.


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