Smartest Chickens I ever saw :)


8 Years
May 4, 2011
Cleveland , Georgia
if this is the wrong place sorry

ok so I got these 3 chickens a couple days ago and 2 of them figured out how to get out of their pen ones I guess average lol the roo was pretty smart I caught him earlier today the super smart hen was MIA all day until about an hour ago I found her sleepin on top of the bantam pen well hubby grabbed her and she slipped outr of his hands we found her flat on the ground behind the truck tire hubby missed her (again lol) and now she has totally disappeared again I've never had this much trouble catchin a chicken lol
so do I have super smart chickens or what lol
No you just have chickens that want to test your stamina by dashing after them and trying to catch them.ha ha Sandy

haha. they smart! they know how to hide!!!

my CX hen always do that, and im glad that she's gettin' some exercise.
but she's very sweet and tame when i approach her calmly.

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