smelly cat is stinking me out


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Mar 29, 2011
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Okay, I have had several cats over the years, and I have one who is sixteen and one who is three. The three year old eats the same food as my old timer ( dry kibble available all day, and half a can of wet food in the mornings). Pepper, doesn't have stinkiness issues, but the three year old, Zoey? Well, I have started to refer to her as "toxic waste butt". When she uses the cat potty, I could seriously throw up.
I am going to deny her wet food from now on and see if that helps, but it's so weird. No other cat has ever stunk us out so consistently in my life. I know this is a weird post, but we just cleaned out the litter box and I am still grossed out, and this IS the random ramblings, so, well...yeah...
I have 2 that are the same way. We tried different diets and took them to the vet, but they are fine.

I resorted to getting one of the Glade timers and sitting it next to the litter boxes. I have it set for every 30 min and it does a pretty good job of masking the smell. I also use wood pellets and spray Purina pet oder eliminator into it every couple days. The wood soaks it up so that cuts down too.
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My mom has a toxic-waste-butt cat too. She's tried all kinds of things and nothing seems to help. I'm sorry, wish I had some advice for you. I will be smelling it this week b/c my mom is out of town and I have to cat-sit for her.
Chlorophyll? Can cats digest chlorophyll? If they can...ask your vet, or check the pet store? (google it for more info), should helpconsiderably to lesson the stink. If ..thw cat can digest actually works. IMHO
wet food, in my personal (non-vet) opinion, is the best type of food to give to cats, especially seniors. they don't tend to keep hydrated well enough, which can cause constipation, urinary tract infections, bladder stones, etc etc etc. and wet food helps prevent all that.

now, what TYPE of food you're giving may be the problem... cheap stuff with lots of grains can cause stinkbutt, and older cats sometimes have trouble with the expensive stuff if it's too much protein. you want a nice intermediate, avoid corn wheat and soy but allow healthy grass grains (whole brown rice, oat, barley) to cut the protein a bit for the older cat. (similar goes for the kibble, really. your younger cats would really benefit from high protein grain-free food, but it might stress your older cat's kidneys). regardless, try giving some probiotics. they make kitty probiotics in powders that you can buy and mix into food (vets sell a really nice one called fortiflora), or you can try small amounts of plain yogurt/kefir if the cats are okay with dairy products.
Took in a young stray cat a few years ago. OMG he could turned the litter box into a haz-mat site! The smell oozed through closed doors. Turned out to be the dry food. Low fat dry food helped some but the best solution was no dry cat food. He has been on Wellness can cat for 3 1/2 years now. Great cat and life with him is much easier.
Oh I so feel your pain! I adopted a kitten on '08 who has always been that way. Took her to the vet, fed premium food, dry food, canned food, etc. etc. Vet couldn't find anything wrong with her and nothing we did ever made any difference and she's still that way. I would get up in the morning, open the bedroom door and almost pass out from the smell. And the litter box was in the utility room at the far end of the house! She stunk up the whole place!

Finally we coudn't take it anymore and she became a mostly outdoor cat. She still comes in the house but she "goes" outside only! I don't know what it is but it's the most horrible, unbelievable thing. Now the kitten I took in last fall, you can be right by the litter box when she goes and you don't even know she went. I was so relieved she wasn't another bomb dropper!

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