Smelly Eggs!!!


In the Brooder
5 Years
Nov 22, 2014
I have tried to hatch eggs twice in my incubator but out of 20 eggs I only had 2 hatch the first time and they didn't live long then the second time I lost power for a week and none hatched. Candling these eggs and opening them I noticed that when I couldn't see anything I had a chick in there. I said all that to say I had a hen go broody and had 6 eggs under her. One afternoon I came home and one was cracked and yoke was everywhere. I quickly removed good eggs and changed bedding. I never washed the eggs because I read not to wash eggs you want to hatch. We are now at day 21 and I candled. 3 of them I see the air sacks but 2 I can see nothing. They smell a little but I think it may be the egg that I never washed off. I haven't heard any chirping yet. Anyone have any advice?

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