Smelly run

When my barn gets stinky, I use Stable Boy. It;s for horse stalls. (I have horses too), but I just sprinkle some around and it seems to work. One bag will last me all summer with the chickens and horses.
do you have wood shavings in the outdoor run?
that could make it stink because it should only be in the dry indoor part.
When wood shavings get wet they smell like pig slop
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We had that problem when it first got nice. DH tilled up the run and it made a huge difference. Plus it gave the girls fresh soil to investigate! They found all kinds of fun bugs to eat.
Have you considered powdered lime? Some say only agricultural lime is safe around chickens. Others say hydrated lime is not harmful per se as long as its worked into the soil to a degree.
We had two days of serious rainfall this past week. Our run has sand/dirt. After a few hours of rain, we threw a bale of coastal hay into the run and raked it around. -helped keep the chickens' feet from being muddy, and helped keep the water from pooling in places. Today, it was 70 degrees and sunny. I raked out all of the hay and disposed of it. (don't want a haven for bugs, rodents, nor the smell of wet grass. -no smell at all for several days. -worked well. -smell started after it began to warm up.) The hay was great as a temporary fix to a muddy run. -will be covering with a roof in the near future!
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I was just out in my run cleaning up some straw that I had put down when we got our last snow, then it melted, now it's 60 and has rained the past 2 days. I was just trying to think of an alternative to straw, so now I know, no on pine shavings. I hate a muddy run and despite that fact that we do have a really nice roof over it, it still gets wet and yukky. So......I have a feeling it's back to straw and removing it when it gets too wet and smelly.

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