Smiley faces: My thoughts!


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Jul 17, 2011
Canada eh?
Hello! I always have a little description on each of the smileys on here so here it is-

- The eyes remind me of toast and they are flying in the air and landing on the smile, which is the plate.

- This one is toast popping out of the toaster

- This one reminds me of those whitening strip commercials on TV

- This smiley is for some reason duller than the others and the right eye annoys me for some reason

- This is the face someone makes when being lectured on the dumbest thing

- A clown.

- A pelican or pacman front view

- Me daydreaming about chickens AGAIN

- Those sun drawing things without the rays!

- A biting daddy-long legs that lost legs

- AGH this one started these descriptions its a vampire laughing! Doesn't it remind you of Dracula?

- Aww they arent racist :3

- Making a little bunny with his fingers, a finger shadow puppet!

- Creeper 0.0

- Wouldnt it be cool if when you talked you had subtitles above your head? Guess that wouldnt be good for whispering

- looks like it would be in a videogame

- Creepy...whos eyes are just pitch black...its like holes

- A big ol' dog

- Thats how I dance

- HOLY CHICKEN POO its eyelashes (if thats what they are???) disconnect from its head and go flying

- Just look at the feet...weird. I like this smiley since its what i do to my lead hen so she doesnt chop of my head!

- Not sure bout this one...other than the eyes scare me

- The eyes are connected but this ones super cute :3

- Reminds me of that kid the one about that mama spider and those adopted insect kids....

- Obviously me everyday

- I like how the shoulder arent a part of the body then become a part of the body

- MY FAVE SMILEY! Legless though, must be hard to balance on that cane with no legs and floating

- Poor pale smiley! At least it has more that just a long stick of a tooth like the others

- I wonder how they nailed that metal thing on?

- Probably crying since hes leg-less D:

- A baby

- Wow. No comments on this one

- Im running out of comments! But this one reminds me of a banana

- #1 fan hand!

- The o's arents even o's. They are zeros!

- I actually never noticed this one until now 0.0

- Dragon! Duh!

- fooey

- Love this one! Its bigger than the others and it makes me look up since its pointing up

- Correction. THIS is my fave smiley!

- That looks like a weird color for sick, its more like a, chlorinated pool color

- Its true.

- Bunny? Wait a tick isnt this a chicken forum?

- Looks like a plush toy to me, a flying plush toy...dun dun dun DUNNN!

- Elementary school.....

- Oh no the chicken has snowballs watch out!

- Very helpful for people who dont feel like actually typing it!

What do you think of the smileys?

Note: I love all smileys, its just my first thoughts on them.
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Oct 9, 2010
the HTML for them is funny too. Did you notice the one I just used is "yuckyuck?"
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