Smoke and Chickens. Should I move my hens inside?

What would you do with dangerous air quality?

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May 27, 2020
Not telling!
Hi, everyone! Where I am in Washington, the air quality is lingering between Very Unhealthy and Dangerous. It's very hard to see outside because of all of the smoke, and I can't go out there without getting asthma. My chickens are troopers and handling it fairly well, but I'm still concerned about their health. Do you have any tips for helping my chickens handle the smoke outdoors, or do you recommend I move them inside immediately? Or do you think they'll be fine as it is? Also, are there any red flags I should look for in my flock if they're not handling it well? And what I should do should their health decrease? Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!
put activated bamboo charcoal bags in the coop I've heard they are very good at improving air quality

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