Snake Is Eating my Chicken Eggs!

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Peter Olinda

7 Years
Nov 9, 2012
Phyrus City (Helghast)
Help! I dont know what this snake is, and when my brother wen't out to kill it, it bit him! hes gone off to the hospital, how do i get rid of this snake, and two, How do i get it to stop eating my chicken eggs! this is a picture.

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Hydrolated lime dust all around the pen and coop outside. The snakes HATE it!!!! Then he stays around to eat the rodents but not your chickens and eggs. I learned the hard way losing 4 pullets w/ no trace.
Your local hardware store should have it in the yard and garden section. If not try a plant nursery. It's pretty cheap, about $12 a 25lb. bag.
google says it is a black snake and I know that they are a good snake to have around. I would have a heart attack if I found one that big in my chicken house. He is a LONG ONE. Lots of people say they are great for rodents......myself, I think traps and cats would be better for mice and rats. Hope your brother gets a scar from the bite. He will have something to brag about.
Peter, go to your feed store and buy two fake eggs. Leave them in the nest. The snake will find them, eat one and dissapear. They are rock solid and cannot pass thru the snake, but he,s a goner. Works every year.. Paul.
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