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Jan 28, 2012
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I keep reading on here about people who have problems with snakes eating their ungathered eggs, but didn't think much about it.

Yesterday when I checked for eggs, the only one there at the time was one from my little Pencil Rock hen, and for some reason I remembered those threads. I figured my biggest snake could handle it, so I gave it a try, and it didn't take very long for that egg to disappear.

They're just cell phone pics, so they aren't very good;

What pics! You should post these at other places on the site too, I think there are some topics under Predators and Pests. You have an egg-eater! What did you do with this snake?
They are beautiful.
I like snakes, they can have all my eggs they want as long as they eat rats and mice also.
Course i got more eggs and chickens than i need.
ewwww......................icky snake. awesome pics though. my chickens eat mice and chase pack rats. im watching them kill a sparrow right now on the security camera. they remind me of the raptors in jurassic park. especially the easter eggers.
These are pets. I keep them in a stereo cabinet, in my living room.
They look awesome! Just curious if you know - black is the generic term we use to describe a number of snakes that have black coloring; ie black rat snake, black king snake, black racer etc. I can see a light pattern on one. Is it a black rat snake or black king snake?
These two are both Black Rat Snakes (proper names). I know most people use made-up names, and normally at random, but I don't do that.

They have cool looking patterns, but it doesn't show well unless they're distended like when eating. Here's some pics showing a bit of the patterns, including belly checkerboard pattern.


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