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    Apr 14, 2007
    Portland TN
    I was just out cleaning the leaves away from the A/C drain, my babes like to wade in it, and low and behold a lil'bitty snake. It wasn't a poisonous one, but it was a snake. Don't want one that close to the house so, I gave it a wack with the hoe and injured it. Well here comes Ms. Nosey (Buffy, my lil'lovely one) sees it's tail wiggle and in a blink pecks it up and starts running around with it. All the other chickies were jealous and wanted it too, but all of a sudden, Buffy ate it! It was no bigger than a nightcrawler, so I'm sure there will be no side effects. But it was hilarious to watch. [​IMG]
  2. agenstr

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    Aug 24, 2007
    elk county pa
    yeah i have about 38 hens and my yard and nearby woods are snake free. between my hens on patrol and my cats taking out the mice moles chipmunks and baby rabbits, it is not a very snake-friendly environment. i have seen my hens fighting over who gets to eat a garden snake about 11 inches long. like chiks hate snakes

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