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  1. ChickMomma

    ChickMomma Out Of The Brooder

    Apr 26, 2007
    IN MY HOUSE!!! I came home from work and took a shower. I grabbed my towel to step out and there it was slithering into the bathroom. I screamed loud enough that my husband came running. It was blackish but not a black snake. I dont think I will sleep tonight [​IMG] By the way my bathroom is on the second story. I did not know that snakes climbed hardwood steps!
    PS-How do I get the animated smiley faces that everyone uses?
  2. panner123

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    Jan 15, 2007
    Garden Valley, ca
    At least it didn't strike & bite you. There was a story of a man that sit on the toilet only to be biting by a water moccasin.[​IMG] Where it says Smiles (show) click on show then click on the figure you want.
  3. chickenranchwife

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    I feel for you, I hate snakes and have had them in my house also. I am sorry to hear that you had a snake in your house. Sankes can crawl up anything. Hope this is the only one you have.
  4. ChickMomma

    ChickMomma Out Of The Brooder

    Apr 26, 2007
    Oh I hope that it is the only one too! There is nothing that I fear in this area more than a snake. They just give me the chills. [​IMG]

    And I am glad it was not poisonous but I will be turning on the light from now on when I go to the bathroom at night!

  5. Standard Hen

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    May 17, 2007
    I would have dropped right there, hate snakes! And I would have never expected one on the second floor of my home either!!!!
  6. SimplcitiyAltered

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    Aug 31, 2007
    Grand Ridge, Iillinois
    I hate snakes! I had a timbler rattler in my house once luckily my dog spotted it after I pulled him away and got him to a safe place I came back yanked out my couch and there it was coiled up I grabbed an old rag mop tore the rag part off grabbed a propane torch and continued to trap its head with the mop and sizzle dead snake after that I upended the whole place thankfully no more snakes I have never been that scared before and now I am terrified of snakes.
  7. nccountrygirl

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    Jul 31, 2007
    Sanford N.C.
    To answer your question about smilie faces, when you reply to a post you will see the word Smilies (show) click on it and there you are. To do multiples you have to insert a space between each one, hope this works for you
  8. Chatychick

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    Jul 9, 2007
    Blue Mound, Kansas
    I have had snakes before in the chicken house ...caught it eating my EGGS!!! [​IMG] Not a good idea for that snake...I have this tool you can get at wal-mart ..its called a ice scraper and it looks like a straightened garden hoe..It works and keeps you far enough away from the snake too...when we had the flood back in April we had quite a few of the suckers here and by the time I was done I was ahead 5 to 0...Some were black snakes and 3 were Cottonmouth water moccasins... Havent seen any for a while as its getting colder here, but have noticed a few eggs shorter, and a snake skin in the area the coop is so been watching for it...If its still out I dont care if its a nonvenomis type or not it looses here at my house, only had 1 black snake in the house so far and yep it lost too...good luck and check for holes you dont think they can get thru cause they can and yes they can climb, just watch them climb a tree...
  9. Barnyard Dawg

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    Feb 7, 2007
    Northern California
    They taste like chicken.
  10. Chatychick

    Chatychick Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jul 9, 2007
    Blue Mound, Kansas
    Not quite... [​IMG] I grew up in Texas where they have rattlesnake roundup's and it dont taste like chicken at all to me but do like the taste if its cooked right... battered and fried crispy...Yum Yum

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