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  1. hatchcrazzzy

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    Jun 8, 2007
    kemp texas
    i didnt get a chance to collect my eggs until about 8:30 when i got the eggs i noticed that the fake egg was not in the nest but in the back i reached in and yikes i felt a snake i ran and didnt go back out until today and i collected my eggs early scared me to death feeling that snake:eek:
  2. justusnak

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    Feb 28, 2007
    South Eastern Indiana
    [​IMG] Ohhhh jeesh!! I would have wet myself all the way back to the house. Do you know what kind of snake it is?? You need to get it out of there, or you will lose eggs every day, and possibly chicks!
  3. Frozen Feathers

    Frozen Feathers Songster

    May 4, 2007
    Oh man!! I'm not eve scared of snakes but if I think I'd be screaming too if I touched one while I was gathering eggs!!
  4. fowlweatherfriends

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    Mar 14, 2007
    The Sunny South
    nasty, nasty creatures! [​IMG]
  5. mudhen

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    Jan 15, 2007
    Shepherdstown, WV
    bletch...hate their pest control work...but not their egg stealing slimy-ness....
  6. AccidentalFarm

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    Mar 29, 2007
    You do know you're going to have to search the coop, find the snake, remove it and then seal up any openings it can fit through, don't you? It thinks it just hit the motherload and will continue to come back (or stay) for the easy meal.

    My guess is that it is not a venomous snake, though. I guess the only consolation there is that snake bites don't hurt any worse than a bee sting. I like snakes, but I would be completely freaked if I had touched one that I was not expecting to be there. YIKES!

    Good Luck.
  7. wendy

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    Jun 14, 2007
    central louisiana
    HI, I am came on here to add my pics and update my site. My husband and I are new to chickens.
    You found a snake, I would freak out too. But do you attract birds to your yard? I don't know where you live but we bought a book at Books a Million on birds native to our region and the book is neat. It tells you how to attract certain types of birds and what they eat. Some of the birds I attract to my yard eat small snakes. You maybe be able to find out this info online without buying a book. I know screech owls eat small snakes too.
    I hope this is helpful. Best of luck.[​IMG]

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