8 Years
Jan 29, 2011
My son just killed a granter snake next to the chicken coop...well him being a boy...he skinned it. So my question is Can you feen the chickens the meat? I know they would have killed it anyways but now i dont know if they should have Thanks for any help!!
Well here are my birds that are 10 weeks old fighting over a small snake ... it got eaten eventually .... snakes are good eats to chickens ;)

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Thank you all very much! I just didnt want to make them sick or hurt them! And now my son thinks he has a new reason to kill the snakes!
And im just glad their gone...again thank you for your reply's!
Saw this for the first time today. Moved our girls run into a tall-grass area and about an hour later one gal comes running hell-bent-for-leather with a foot long snake hanging out of her beak. She's squawking like crazy and the other two gal's are in hot pursuit, trying to grab the snake. She ran into the coop to get away from the other gal's but they followed and a big squawking match ensued.

Then out of the coop she runs - still with the snake who is writhing and jerking around - and still followed by the other two gal's. One gal caught up with her and grabbed the snake and they ripped it in two. Argghhh . . .

I've never seen anything consumed so fast in my entire life. I was looking for the half-snake on the ground but it was looooong gone.

I got enough of a look at it to be pretty sure it wasn't a copperhead and the girls both seem fine. However, my skin is still crawling . . .
I'm sorry, but that's just TOO funny, you had me laughing so hard, mtnlaurl! And you too, Tony Sorrento! I like snakes, but around here the gopher snakes look too much like rattle snakes, and can freak me out. I'm just not good enough at identifying snakes to be comfortable when I see one outside, though I've never tried to kill one before. They help keep the rodent population down, but now that I'm fixen to have chickens, I will have to kieep them out of my coop!

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