Sneezing and no swollen eyes?

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    Has anyone had this problem with their chickens? A friend of mine has it happening too. A local vet said several people have been taking in chickens for this. Mine have not been around other chickens and have been sneezing for two weeks. I treated with sulmet which didn't help. Then one got swollen eyes and I gave her 3 shots of LA 200. Cleared it up. Then a rooster started rattling and I gave him a couple injections and he's better. I put them all on Duramycin 3 days ago and the sneezing is starting to get better. The ones who are just sneezing have no eye or lung problems.Any suggestions??
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    I highly suggest getting blood tests for MS and MG. There's a good chance your flock has a contagious respiratory disease, and these are the most common ones (both of which may or may not present with ocular symptoms).

    It's not as common as introduction of an improperly quarantined bird, but transmission via bacterium carried in on equipment, shoes, or wild birds is still a possible source of infection, so don't discount a contagious disease just because you haven't bought any birds recently.

    In the meantime, don't sell or rehome any birds.

    If the blood test(s) come back positive, I recommend treatment with Denagard. It's a powerful and very effective myco med, and works far better then Duramycin.
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    Thank you so much!

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