Sneezing and wheezing ???

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    Is there a way to know for sure if two of my chickens have Gapeworm ?? They present the symptoms (wheezing and sneezing) but other than that, they act perfectly normal. They are eating and drinking well and are very chatty and flying around as usual. However, I understand that these are also the symptoms of many other respiratory diseases....CRD...etc. I posted a thread CRD or Eye injury ??? about 10 days ago and none of them seem to fit. Initially I thought it might be CRD or wet pox but after discussing it with the Doc at NC State I don't believe that it is either of them. He said they would all have the symptoms by now if it were anything like that and none of them show any signs of it other than the two I mentioned earlier.
    I am so confused [​IMG] Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Is it a wheezing or a rattling?
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    It doesn't sound like rattling to me. It's more like she's got something in her wind pipe ... it kind of reminds me of Darth Vader type breathing. [​IMG]

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