sneezing bantam question concerning medication ??????


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Jul 30, 2008
I have about 20 Bantams and it started with one of my roosters sneezing. Now I am hearing the the rest of them sneeze as well but other than they seem allright.
I called our vet (he will give phone advice thats about it for chickens) and he told me to buy Sulmet for their drinking water. I also have Terramycin at the house, BUT..... I am reading here that alot of people use Tylan. What would be best and how much per gallon would I use??
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Jan 1, 2008
If it were my birds, I would not buy either of the above mentioned meds. But I would buy Aureomycin (powdered form) to adde to the water. It is a good antibiotic for quite a few diseases. I would give it to them all for the required length of time. Following up with at least 5 days of probiotics, yogurt, and a small amt of supplemental vitamins. And some good feed. If that doesnt cure them, then I would reasess (and possibly go with Tylan or Sulmethadioxine.) Or better yet come back on here and reasess symptoms to get advice. Hope this helps.

Sulmet is for cocci and isnt that strong anyway. (I will not use it even for cocci ever again) Terramycin isnt that strong either. Aureomycin is for respiratory diseases(it gives dosages on package). Tylan is stronger yet. So you may want to go that way. It is more expensive and I don't know the dosage of it.
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