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    I have one chicken, she is a house chicken. She has been doing this sneezing sound, but not like I've seen on videos and stuff, more of a loud chirp over and over again. She started doing it a few months ago and I took her to the vet, they found nothing and the frequency slowed a lot. She went into a small molt and stopped laying eggs for about a week and a half and the sound sort of stopped. Yesterday she layed her first egg and has started back up with the sound again. She doesn't do it while she's sleeping, she is eating fine, pooping fine, and acting fine. No mouth breathing, no gurgling sounds, I listened under her wing and no wheezing. Any idea what this may be? She seems as though there is absolutely nothing wrong with her!
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    Chirping, snicking, or sneezing can be due to dust, mold, or feed. Viruses, such as infectious bronchitis can spread rapidly through a flock and last for weeks or months. I would see if she is doing more when she is eating or pecking around in the bedding. If she isn't constantly doing it, it is probably just environmental. Most articles I have read about preventing respiratory diseases say that good air circulation, no heat in the coop which may cause panting, and prevention of dust, mold, and ammonia odors is best to prevent diseases. If she had a chronic respiratory disease before, she could still be showing signs, but since she is a house chicken, the heat could be a problem.
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