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    Oct 10, 2014
    I have 4 production red hens, 1 cochin hen, 1 Americana hen & my big australorp rooster named Bubba in one coop & a broody mom with her last chick in the small coop. Two of the reds started sneezing yesterday. I couldn't catch either of them today without risking Bubba attacking me but I got close enough to see there is no mucus or yucky eyes. I was using hay as bedding but just switched to straw after scrubbing out the coop last week. I think I will clean it again tomorrow & look for signs of mold. Should I spray a diluted bleach mix to ensure its clean? I can let them out all day & air it out. I also started them on antibiotics but now I'm learning my dosage may be to low. I'm using duramycin 10, will this help? Should I get something else before it spreads any further? I cannot afford to go to a vet but I don't want them to die. All the birds hang out together all day in the yard & just mom & chickie sleep separately.... should I pull the sneezers out? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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