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Allan mac

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May 17, 2017
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help. My 11 week brahma cockerel has been sneezing for about 3 weeks. He has had a two week course of tylan antibiotics, but still sneezes. There are no other symptoms. He has clear eyes, no running nostrils. Eating and drinking very well (he has an unbelievable appetite) and scratches round the yard perfectly happily. Well until the older hens chase him that is. Any advice would be much appreciated. Here a few pics.


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Is he sneezing often? Not all sneezing is illness, not all illness is cured by antibiotics.
Btw, welcome to BYC.....
And three weeks ago, he was not sneezing? Had you added new shavings to the coop...put him in a new environment?
I do not have experience with chicken illnesses, hopefully those who do will help you out more than I can.
Good luck!
he has been sneezing since I moved him from his old home to his new home. So everything is new for him. He seems happy enough. It's just the sneezing. I wish I new what was causing it? From the photos does he look normal for his age?
Tylan stopped my sneezing and wheezing pullet in less than 48 hours and she had been sneezing for almost 2 weeks prior to that. I suspect if the Tylan didn't do the trick it is something environmental.

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