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  1. sazzle1982

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    Aug 16, 2013
    She is a rescue, young but unknown age, partridge bantam.
    She sneezes occasionally and has a ruckly voice.
    Have had her on Tylan and metacam injections I'm daily for 10days but no better
    She eats and drinks well, poo looks normal and is bright with red comb and no eye, nostril or beak discharge. She hasn't laid an egg yet btw

    What does anyone think ? She's isolated from my other 25still but is in a tiny cage!
    Do I risk putting her with my others? Is this just chronic or infectios? Do I put her to sleep?!
    Please help!!!
  2. Lacrystol

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    Jun 13, 2009
    Diamond, Ohio
    Could be Mycoplasma gallisepticum CRD. Does she have ANY other symptoms? here's a list of other symptoms related to CRD

    • Coughing.
    • Nasal and ocular discharge.
    • Poor productivity.
    • Slow growth.
    • Leg problems.
    • Stunting.
    • Inappetance.
    • Reduced hatchability and chick viability.
    • Occasional encephalopathy and abnormal feathers.

    Sneezing could also be a sign of Coryza again following by other symptoms,

    so Examine her good, look at her eyes, do her pupils dilated, smell her breath any odor, feel her belly does she feel bony, even though she's eating good perhaps she's continuing loosing weight, have you wormed her lately, does she cough, does she have a runny nose. hows her vent is it swelled with poop stuck to it like diarear? Just take another look at her, check for mites as well. check for change of skin color etc...
  3. sumatrass

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    I have a RIR with a respiratory infection she sneezes, stretches her neck and gasps for air, 5 days ago I found her paralyzed and I started treating her with tylan 50, but there is no change in her health she has lost a lot of weight but still pecks at food from time to time, I give her water with probiotics with a syringe. I have her far away from my other chickens which I plan to vaccinate for new castle since some symptoms are related to what my chicken is going through.
  4. sumatrass

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  5. sazzle1982

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    Aug 16, 2013
    A few more details about my poorly hen.....

    Coughing......Yep, she's coughing and sneezing, only occasionally for both though. No ocular or nasal discharge

    Poor productivity......can't comment on this as I've had her 10days and don't know her history before far there's being no eggs laid
    Slow growth....she's a bantam so is little anyway but is a good size for a bantam
    Leg problems....her legs look fine, she walks and scraps fine
    Inappetance....she eats everything I've given her, pellets/cherry tomatoes/corn on cob/bread
    Reduced hatchability and chick viability....not hatched any chicks from her
    Occasional encephalopathy and abnormal feathers....feathers, skin wattles fine. No swelling or discolouredness
    Eyes not dilated
    Can feel her chestbone but I can on my other hens too, belly feels fine...she is a bit on the thin/light side though
    I've fed her marriages flubenvet pellets fop since acquiring her
    Her poo seems fine but she does hav runny white diarrhoea on her vent today. No diarrhoea in her cage though
    No mites seen and I've dusted her for them too

    Do you think I should euthanise her....don't wanna risk passing onto my other hens if she's a carrier if something.....???!!!!!

  6. sumatrass

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    It would keep her separated from your flock just in case until she gets better, I would wait a bit longer before culling her she might recover if you give her more time. Mine is pretty hopeless she has been sick for almost a month, i had her on duramysil 10 in her water until she became paralyzed then i switched to tylan shots but still no sign of her getting better. Im going to take advantage of the free necropsy her in California so i can find out what caused it and be prepared in case my other chickens get sick.
  7. BantamFan4Life

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    Jun 15, 2012
    I would quarantine her. The symptoms you list would mean that it is a respiratory disease. Some respiratory diseases include:
    NewCastle Disease
    Infectious Bronchitis
    Infectious Laryntracheitis
    Infectious Coryza
    Air-Sac Disease
    Swollen Head Syndrome
    and more.

    Look at the head and eyes for swelling, what your dealing with sounds a bit like Swollen Head Syndrome.

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