Sneezing in Meat Birds

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  1. Clucknewbie

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    May 28, 2010
    I am new on here and so excited to join. I am hoping someone can help me! I have 25 2-3 week old cornish rock crosses that started sneezing yesterday. They are all eating and drinking and active but seem to be snneezing more today than yesterday. They are outside in a shed with a heat light for warmth and have all been doing well up until now. I am wondering if anyon as advice for how to treat them without cmpromising the meat. Thank you in advance. .... there is no discharge or wheezing at this time!
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    Mar 3, 2009
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    Now you say they are in a shed? How much ventilation do they have ? Meaties have a very strong urine and without proper air flow and ventilation the ammonia smell can cause respitory issues... Also what are your day and night temps currently? At three weeks old unless its in the 40's at night they really shouldnt need a heat lamp any longer... As far as treatment I personelly just had to kill any sick birds from my meat flock as I will not use any antibiotics etc.. I would guess though that this is more of a ventilation issue..

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